About The Drone Sports Association

Founded in January 2014, Drone Sports Association (formerly RotorSports) has grown to become the largest, premier drone racing and sports organization in the world.

Today, DSA produces the largest and most prestigious drone racing events, including the U.S. National Drone Racing Championships, the World Drone Racing Championships airing on ESPN. We work with more than 50 racing organizations, leagues and groups in over 40 countries to create high quality event series, championships and extreme drone sports entertainment.

Race Pace Straight out of the Gate

Since the moment a couple of pilots met at Berkeley Chavez park on July 12, 2014 to try out a new thing called “FPV” quadcopters, we’ve been racing. In a very short time, our meetup group ballooned to over 500 pilots all building, competing and creating a tight bond within the FPV drone racing community.  Then in April 2015, we produced the very first officially sanctioned Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) drone racing event in Santa Cruz, California as part of the Data Drones X Conference, and racing was officially kicked off as a recognized sport. The Santa Cruz drone race memorabilia, including winner Zoe Zumbaugh’s airfame, controller and goggles are now archived at the National Model Aviation Museum.


First Official Sanctioned AMA Drone Racing Event

First Official Sanctioned AMA Drone Racing Event, Santa Cruz, California, April 2015.

First Nationally recognized Drone Race

In July 2015, DSA ran the first National Drone Racing Championships at the California State Fair. It too was the first officially sanctioned AMA race, and is also archived at the National Model Aviation Museum as the first national level drone racing championship. This race was also the first race that had the official permission from the FAA, FCC, AMA and the California State Governor. With 120 pilots and the first livestream online broadcast of the entire event reaching over 85,000 online spectators in 126 Countries (54,123 spectators in the US alone), the Drone Nationals was the largest, most watched drone racing event in history.

In addition, we were the first to spark the drone racing media frenzy with coverage with just about every major broadcaster, magazine and media outlet, including CBS and Fox National news, Fast Company, Tested.com, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN, CBS 60 Minutes, Popular Science and at least 4 documentaries. 


First Glimpse of Something Big

After 2015 Drone Nationals, we received calls from hundreds of folks around the world all wanting to run drone races in their country. So we set up a small working group, and created the first international body that all agreed to use a standard racing set of rules. The end result was the creation of the inaugural World Drone Racing Championships to be held in Hawaii, October 2016, with over 40 countries sending teams and pilots.

Concurrently, DSA quietly commenced negotiations with several major broadcasters, and on April 2013, signed a multi-year, international agreement with ESPN for the rights to broadcast the US National Drone Racing Championships and the World Drone Racing Championships live on ESPN3 and one hour specials to be aired on ESPN1 and ESPN2.

Today, DSA is now partnering with several organizations globally to accelerate drone racing and drone sports. Please see our DSA Sanction page for more information on how you can work with DSA.